Sensei Miranda

1969- Present

In 1969, I met the father figures that I needed in my life-- the men of the martial arts.

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These were primarily my karate years: Shotokan, Goju, and Isshinryu. In between Karate there was judo, ju-jitsu, Vee-jitsu, and various styles of kung fu. In 1980, I began my transition to the art of Aikido.

1980- Present

These years became those of Aikido. Imaizumi sensei of the Ki Society, Luqman sensei and Ishmael sensei of the Brooklyn Aikido Club, and Yamada, Sugano, Chiba, and Kanai senseis of the US Aikido Federation. In 1989, I moved to Palm Beach, FL and joined the Palm Beach Aikikai under Wagener sensei.

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Sensei Miranda is a Godan (5th degree black belt) in the art of aikido. He also holds Dan ranking in Karate.