Mr. Miranda's Message

Advice for a new teacher

He quickly dropped what seemed to be the most important three pieces of advice for a new teacher:  Read More

“Those kids have a discipline problem!”

The more I would yell, "Get out from there right this instance," the more insane-looking their laughs became. Read More

Welcome to Mr. Miranda's Message

After 30+ years in education, I've seen, done, learned, messed up, created, tested, and put up with many things in education. Colleagues and students have asked for me to blog about some of my insights. Ok. I'm doing this for fun, but I probably won't be posting too regularly because I'll most likely be busy grading essays. Enjoy :)

“Where is your agenda planner?”

However, most teachers expect the students that come from impoverish neighborhoods to be organized and ready as if the logic behind organization was common sense. Read More

Is there any power in knowing little?

A student came to me full of anxiety. She was going to get an “F”, and worse yet, she was going to cause her group a poor grade. Read More

When did the Data of teaching overtake the Art of teaching?

Primary and secondary benchmarks must be covered and tested every few days so that there will be data to prove something to somebody. Read More

The know-it-all teacher

"Excuse me, but I've been teaching for 20 years!"  Read more