Educational Philosophy

The Subordination of Teaching to Learning

              Welcome once again to my website. I am an educator that concerns himself with humanizing teaching. I reognize the autonomy of learners. Because of this, I see the deprivation of autonomous learning to be a dehumanizing act. Thus, my educational philosophy is to subordinate teaching to learning. My teaching is guided by the students' learning instead of dominating it.

              Unfortunately, our data driven education system's focus is on how far a student still needs to go. It is this fixed point that takes away all resourcefulness and interest from the process and makes it dreary, routine, and mechanical. On the other hand, to measure how far a student has come and celebrate it is human.The reality of these two different schools of thought is my challenge, for I still must succeed within the system that I wish to change. Thank you for visiting. Please enjoy the rest of the site.