Where to look?

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"Don't look at the eyes because the eyes can lie to you. They'll tell you they 'love you' and then hurt you. Instead, look at his heart. The heart will tell you the truth."

                          Ronald Taganashi

"Don't look in the opponent's eyes, or your mind will be drawn into his eyes"


Where to look?

If not the eyes then where?

Let me sudggest for you to look forward.

When you're driving (for the young people who don't drive yet, keep reading--you'll get it), you simply look forward. You don't fix your vision on any particular thing-right? Yet, you can see everthing--the fornt, the left, the right. You look for openings in the traffic pattern, and when you see one, you take it safely and continue on.

In the martial arts, it's the same thing. As you pay attention forward, you are looking for or an opening. When you see one, you safely take it and move on.