Sensei's Way

Over 40 Years!

After many request for me to write a martial arts blog, I've finally begun one. I'll be doing this for fun, so it might not be written regularly with any kind of established blog format. However, I am willing to share what I've picked up over the years and to learn from what you are learning today. Osu!

14) Lover's Day and Aikido

15) Aikido Rudeness

16) The core of a martial art

17) Jisei

18) Forgive yourself

19) How to deal with force

20) Shomen Ni Rei

21) Your art's main technique

22) Where does it all begin?

23) Zanshin

24) The Dozen before The Mastery

25) Watch your distance

26) Fox and the Hound

27) Budo Truth #2