Which Aikido style is the best?

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There are over a dozen styles of aikido.

Aikikai is the original. The Hombu dojo (the headquarters of aikido in Japan) represents the aikikai style.

However, there is the Yoshinkan style

Iwama style

TenShin style and many more.

To see a more extensive list of aikido styles, click on the image of bamboo.


The best answer I have to the question which aikido style is the best, is to refer one to the story of The Blind Men and the Elephant

Each blind man touched a certain part of the elephant and proclaimed an elephant to be as a wall or a trunk or a snake and so on depending on the part he touched. Of course, each one believed that he was right, yet all of them were wrong because they could not see the whole animal.

The different styles of aikido are like the different parts of the elephant.

Those who have seen aikido in a particular way, limit it to that alone and think aikido is nothing else.

The truth is that not one among us can see aikido completely.

So, I advise to whom ever this may concern, to not worry so much about the style of aikido because 1st, it is all aikido and 2nd, it is all good.

What one needs to concern oneself with is the quality of the instructor, but that is an issue for another blog.

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