Mr. Miranda's Message

Advice for a New Teacher

The young and brand new female teacher was startled when the much older male teacher rushed into her classroom apologizing for not being able to meet with her. I was the only student in the room, and I was straightening her classroom chairs. He quickly dropped what seemed to be the most important three pieces of advice for a new teacher. He declared:

1) Get your paperwork in on time

2) Get discipline in the class

3) If you have time, Teach!

I remember her big eyes watching the gray-haired teacher walking away. The chalk and eraser were frozen in her hands. She panned that empty look at me. I noticed three more chairs that needed to be straighten.

That was a long time ago for me. Ironically, I became an educator. The veteran teacher's advice was cold but in a way true with a modern exception. Today's teacher -somehow- must do all three at the same time.